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Welcome to Your Own Classifieds Software Script

Twitter Updates: :$50.00 :$25

This plugin will display twitter updates on your classifieds software website automatically. You can also link your facebook account and twitter account and then every wall post will go to twitter page as well. People following your classifieds software site twitter account will see them as well.

Mobile Version: :$1000.00 :$500

Your own classifieds software script also has the option of a mobile version. Its better than having a mobile app as there are so many mobile operating systems and the cost of having all of them developed and keeping them updated with the
fast releasing new versions of the
ope... Read More

ADS CRAWLER: :$250.00 :$125

This plugin allows you to fetch ads from any existing classifieds site via just the URL and helps fill the website with correct details and ads. Crawler supports gumtree but further support can be added.

Bookmark and Share Listing

We have provided bookmarking and share listing feature in our classified script understanding the power of social media and on demand of our clients. These options are available at right hand side on every listing and are very easy to use. Users can share the listing on facebook or use
twitter or email the listing to their social
circle through these options.

Similar/Related Classified

In our classified script we have added a section called similar/related classified, This section is available under each listing page where users can see the similar listings results they might be
interested in instead going back
and searching again.

Control Panel

Users have their own control panel giving them complete control on their activity on the site. They can their favourite ads, posted ads, ads waiting for approval etc. They can also update their profile, profile image and other information like personal details and passwords etc.

Bad words Filter:

Your Own Classifieds script software now has a bad words filter and all you have to do is add (and keep updated) the list with spam words and they will be replaced with ***** in the posts. You can also view all ads with ***** in admin panel so manually check them and see what they actually contain.

Custom Fields

At Your Own Classifieds script we understand that some categories or sub categories might need more than regular and customised fields like for example engine size, fuel type and make in cars section so the script gives you the option to create custom fields on as low as sub category level and they could
be used to filter search results

Multiple Revenue Streams

Your Own Classifieds script is build for commercial purposes so we have included all the possible revenue streams in the script. All you have to do is enable and personalise them. This includes Adding your ads (for example Google Adsense etc), urgent ads, features ads etc as you can charge a fee
for this upgrade & you can also charge to
post in certain categories e.g jobs etc.

Your Own Classifieds is a PHP and AJAX based classifieds ads software script with all the inbuilt options you need to start your own Classifieds site like for example olx.com, craigslist.com, gumtree.com or kjiji.ca. It's a complete turnkey solution and you do not need any programming experience to get started.

Your Own classifieds software script was originally designed to be used as a general classifieds site with a bit of everything and custom fields in the software allow you to add custom fields depending on the categories so you can have for example miles field in auto section and number of bedrooms fields in houses categories. But this is not all. Now this software could also be used as a specific script for example Auto Classifieds or real estate classifieds or even pets classifieds. These are some general categories we could think of but if you have something else in mind for example babies stuff classifieds or horses classifieds, we could customise the classifieds software to make a complete turnkey script to be run as niche specific classifieds software. Checkout our Classifieds software templates section for niche specific and general classifieds software templates scripted and ready to go.

The script is designed keeping a layman in mind so that a person with minimal knowledge should be able to run and administer the site without having the need of a whole IT team. The script is backed with a powerful admin panel which allows you to do virtually everything from changing Meta tags, adding categories & locations to changing the templates. With the purchase complete documentation is also enclosed which explains how to use each and every feature and off course if you can't find an answer, our support team is here to help anyway.