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Welcome to Your Own Classifieds Software Script

User Panel Features:

Your Own Classifieds is the most powerful and easiest classifieds script or platform ever. Below are some of the user panel features that come with the purchase of the software. If there is something that you would like to see in user panel and it's not included, please get in touch as we constantly keep on looking on the ways to improve our software.

  • Bookmark and Share Listing

    We have provided bookmarking and share listing feature in our classified script understanding the power of social media and on demand of our clients. These options are available at right hand side on every listing and are very easy to use. Users can share the listing on facebook or use twitter or email the listing to their social circle through these options.

  • Similar/Related Classified

    In our classified script we have added a section called similar/related classified, This section is available under each listing page where users can see the similar listings results they might be interested in instead going back and searching again.

  • Control Panel

    Users have their own control panel giving them complete control on their activity on the site. They can their favourite ads, posted ads, ads waiting for approval etc. They can also update their profile, profile image and other information like personal details and passwords etc.

  • Profile Image

    Users also have an option to add their personal image to their profile and give profile and their classified listing a more personal touch.

  • Public Profile

    Users have public profile and then they can gain public trust and reputation as the account grows older. This helps eliminate the usual spam found on standard classified websites.

  • Post Ad without signup

    Users have an option to post an ad without creating a full account. This is for the people who only want to post a onetime ad.

  • Anonymous Posting

    Users also have an option to post ads anonymously even having their account registered in case they do not want to link their normal profile with a specific ad.

  • Profiles

    Create your account and manage all your ads in one place. Renew them, report them, delete them and edit them when required. You will not have to add your personal details again and again.

  • Popular Classifieds

    We have added a popular classifieds widget in our classified script so people know what other people are looking for on the site and what is the most popular and searched items.

  • User Comments Section

    We have added a user comments section under each listing to encourage communication between the users of the site and sharing thoughts on the listing and getting real feedback from the users.

  • Seamless Google Adsense integration

    Just Like all Major Classified sites (Gumtree,Olx,CraigList) We have integrated Seamless Google adsense code with matching skin to get maximum revenue from them.

  • View User's Listing profile

    We understand the need to see other listings of the user that's why we have added a feature on listing detail page to "view user all ads" of that specific user.

  • Report Listing

    We have added Report Listing feature in our classified script to make sure there is no illegal/Inappropriate activity or spam on the site.

  • Featured Listing

    We have added Paid Featured listing option in My Account to make the listing more prominent and attract from attention it also helps to generate more revenue to the owner of the site.

  • Spam Protection

    We have added Captcha on Post a Classified section to avoid Spam and unethical use of this section.

  • Multimedia Uploading

    We understand the need of multimedia in today's world. We have added this feature in our classified script and user can easily upload the relevant pictures and Videos in their listing.

  • Super Easy to List

    We have added extremely user friendly Post a classified section. It provides option to choose category and then automatically display the relevant sub categories to choose from. Users can easily upload pictures to their listing from the same page and also add video to their listing easily.

  • New Search Criteria

    In our classified script we have added new search criteria on demand. Now user would be able to search listing on the bases of Private sellers and Businesses/Agents.

  • Google Maps

    We have integrated Google maps in our classified script so users will be able to evaluate distance to listings on the map.

  • New Sorting Criteria

    We have added a new sorting feature in our classified script. Now our users would be able to search in terms of Most Popular, Best Rating, Newest First, Oldest first etc.

  • Favourite/Watch List

    In our Classified Script Users can add any listing to their My Favourite List/Watch List so they can review it later on. This feature is available in User panel after login. Users can also delete any listing from their favourite list whenever they want.

  • Adult Content Warning:

    Your Own Classifieds software script has the option to enable adult content warning for selected categories or even sub categories so that you can warn users about the possibility of adult content or language in categories like personals or dating etc.

Admin Panel Features:

Your Own Classifieds script admin panel is a one stop place to help you manage the whole site, from users to classified management to security of the site, everything is just a click away and pretty much straight forward so that you can run the whole classifieds site without having a full fledge IT team on your own and without having the need of all the technical work involved. Below are some of the features available in admin panel. If there is something that you would like to see in the admin panel but it's not included, please get it touch as we constantly keep on looking at the ways we can improve our software.

  • Bad words Filter:

    Your Own Classifieds script software now has a bad words filter and all you have to do is add (and keep updated) the list with spam words and they will be replaced with ***** in the posts. You can also view all ads with ***** in admin panel so manually check them and see what they actually contain.

  • Custom Fields

    At Your Own Classifieds script we understand that some categories or sub categories might need more than regular and customised fields like for example engine size, fuel type and make in cars section so the script gives you the option to create custom fields on as low as sub category level and they could be used to filter search results

  • Multiple Revenue Streams

    Your Own Classifieds script is build for commercial purposes so we have included all the possible revenue streams in the script. All you have to do is enable and personalise them. This includes Adding your ads (for example Google Adsense etc), urgent ads, features ads etc as you can charge a fee for this upgrade and you can also charge to post in certain categories for example jobs or properties for sale etc.

  • Switch Templates

    The script is template driven and you can manage templates from the admin panel and can switch in between templates with a single click action.

  • Bullet proof security

    Your Own Classifieds script is loaded with bullet proof security which includes captcha at every step required, IP logging, htaccess protection and authentication based protection.

  • Comments

    You can either open comments, where users can post without registering to the website, use disqus (A global platform) or user accounts where users who are registered with your website can post after logging in.

  • Payment Gateway

    Paypal is included as a payment gateway to accept payment for anything like featured ads or posting in paid categories. You just have to add your own paypal email id in the admin panel.

  • Reporting

    Your Own Classifieds script includes a powerful reporting panel to help you understand each and every bit of your website.

  • Categories and Sub categories

    Your Own Classifieds script gives you complete control over the categories and sub categories in which your users can post. You can have as many of them as you want.

  • Unlimited Cities and regions

    As many as required cities and regions can be added and you can manage as to which cities or regions should be shown on the home page in case you have more regions and cities then the space on the home page navigation bar.

  • Unlimited Countries

    You can have as many countries as you want. There is no limit on this but this does not mean that you cannot run the site based on a single country.

  • Commercial Setup

    Because Your Own Classifieds script is a commercial script, after the installation you can manage everything from title, to keywords, meta tags, logo, admin email, content pages, title bar everything. You control every part of the website right from the admin panel.

  • Complete sub domain support

    Your Own Classifieds script is now equipped with complete sub domain support. Everything is included in the admin panel and is automated. All you have to do is create the sub domain on city level and the rest will be done automatically.

  • Rate the listing

    Your Own Classifieds software script gives user the option to rate a classifieds ad which then helps us gather the statistics for popular ads.

  • Refine Search

    In our classified Script we have a set of filters that shows up in a sidebar along with search results and allowing users to filter search results by certain criteria to display the most suitable results.

  • Search Options

    Our classified script offers quick and Category based search options to the users to display the most relevant results.

  • Analytics

    Google analytics are pre-integrated. All you have to do is add your own code in the admin panel so that the statistics are posted to your Google Analytics account.

  • Facebook Like

    This plugin allow users to share ads on facebook and like them as well. Like button appears on all ad pages.

  • Statistics

    Right when you login, you are given a quick overview of the site like latest ads, latest users, total users, total classifieds etc so that without reading every single thing, you get a quick update on the performance on your site .