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Welcome to Your Own Classifieds Software Script


Twitter Updates

This plugin will display twitter updates on your classifieds software website automatically. You can also link your facebook account and twitter account and then every wall post will go to twitter page as well. People following your classifieds software site twitter account will see them as well.

Professional Installation

Although Your Own Classifieds Software comes with the complete installation instructions, we also offer the installation services of Your own Classifieds Software to your server. Please send us your server details, after placing the order for installation of You Own Classifieds Software.

Mobile Version

Your own classifieds software script also has the option of a mobile version. It’s better than having a mobile app as there are so many mobile operating systems and the cost of having all of them developed and keeping them updated with the fast releasing new versions of the operating system

Logo Design

We can design a professional logo of your domain to match the theme of your own classifieds software. This service requires 2 working days.

Facebook Like

This plugin allow users to share ads on facebook and like them as well. Like button appears on all ad pages.

Facebook connect

Facebook connect plugin allow users to login using their Facebook credentials without registering to your classifieds site. This plugin really helps a lot as no one likes to fill lengthy signup forms and create more


This plugin allows you to fetch ads from any existing classifieds site via just the URL and helps fill the website with correct details and ads. Crawler supports gumtree but further support can be added.